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What awards do you give your teams at the end of the game?

Hi everyone,

Starting of the netball season... what awards to you give the players on your team at the end of the game.

i need some suggestions Im stuck.


Hi there! I coach in a small country town association in Western Australia. At the start of the season the commitee writes a few letters to sponsors for small prizes to use for the player of the match. This is not just for the best player but they must also show good sportsmanship and work hard, never giving up. We have used a voucher for a DVD new release hire from the local DVD shop or a voucher for chips at a fast food place or a milkshake/smoothie at the local icecream shop in town. Doesnt cost anything and adds to community spirit.

we use to have a small trophy that we shared for the best player, who not only played well (for them) but also trained hard.  but honestly, i am not a fan of giving out awards.  i give compliments when they are deserved.  that seems to be worth just as much, in a world where you get recognition for just turning up.  

I get my netball team together at the start of the season and we make a little wooden plaques with our initial on it each. We then hang our wooden plaques on our game bag. I then buy stickers and each of the players must give someone else a sticker in the team for doing something well in the game. I also hand out a sticker. Once you have the paint and ribbon you can use this year after year and you only need to buy little wooden coasters for example from the art store each year for your new team.

Hope that helps.

I have never been a fan of player of the day the number of emails/comments from parents re why their daughter hasn't got it yet is one less stress I would prefer not to focus on. Instead I make the parents do a round after the game saying what they enjoyed watching their daughter do on the court. As a coach I track certain things during the game so each girl has their own goal and I also do regular assessments throughout the season which I feed back individually to each player and their parent so they can see improvements this seem to be a bit more fulfilling for the players.parents and myself

I coach a team of 10-11 year olds.  I don't reward anyone for match performance.  Instead I give out a training award (eg.choc frog) to the team member who:

  • Puts 100% effort into training
  • Shows improvement in their skills
  • Pays attention and listens to instructions and explanations
  • Supports their team mates by being a good training partner
  • Listens and does not interrupt when being given instructions or when a team mate has been asked to talk

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