Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Coach gives orders and the players do it.
  • Example include: coach says do a press-up, coach says touch the groud with your right hand, coach says jump up and clap your hands, coach says pass the ball, coach says jog on the spot.
  • You might have youngers players who don't do as they are told quick enough - be out of the game. But keep it fun!

Coaching points

The following are some suggested coaching points, but you might have some of your own. Or you might choose to amend this this part of your warm-up to be closer aligned to your coaching targets for the rest of the session.

  • Players needs to listen carefully to instruction.
  • Players respond quickly to what they hear, you might ask them to close their eyes and use their ears only for part of the warm-up.
  • Please should respond to what they see - don't give instructions - demonstrate what you want the players to do. They respond to what they see for part of the warm-up.
  • When passing the ball - the passes should be weighted correctly in terms of speed, distance and direction.
  • Players encourage each other.
  • The tempo of the warm-up should increase. Therefore increasing the activity level and testing the ability of the player to respond quicker.
  • Allow some players to give the instruction, maybe those players that are team leaders. Is their voice loud enough, are they commanding enough?

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