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This drill is designed to get your players in good habits when presenting the ball at the breakdown. This will allow your team to hold onto possession better and get quicker ball.

  • The players run towards cones in lines of three, passing the ball from one end to the other.
  • When the coach says "Down" or blows their whistle, whoever has the ball must drop to the ground and present the ball.

  • The player who has presented the ball then passes to the player behind him and the drill carries on continuously.

0.29 - Demonstration 

1.20 - What is the purpous of this drill?


Coaching points

  • Players should have two hands on the ball at all times.
  • When going to ground players should extend fully as if scoring a try.

  • Then coach your players to focus on snapping their hips in order to turn their bodies away from the threat.

  • The safest way to present is the long present. I.e. your players should be lying parallel to the touch line with their feet pointing at the opposition try line. This moves the ball as far away from the danger as possible, allowing for safe and quick ball. 

  • Players should stay square when running the ball, focusing on not drifting and taking the space away from the player outside of them.

  • You should get your players used to working back to their feet as quickly as possible.


  • Add in some opposition. Each time the ball carrier goes to ground the defence has to go back to the line.
  • Start off with the opposition on bags putting little pressure on the attack.Then keep getting the opposition to increase the amount of pressure they are putting on.

  • It is good to finish off a drill with it being similar to what the players will experience in a game. So allow the defenders to compete at the breakdown.

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