Rugby Drill Demonstration


Tell the players the following......

  1. We are going to play a game, the 7 defenders will stay in defence throughout, and the 5 attacking players will remain the attack.
  2. If for any reason the ball is lost, it is given back to the attack.
  3. The attack scores by scoring a try in the normal way.
  4. The defence scores by turning the ball over.
  5. That's it, play.
  • As the game develops, increase the size of the playing area.
  • Switch the attackers and defenders.

Coaching points

  • Defenders build a decision making framework.....
  1. Can they get to their feet quickly following the tackle.
  2. Can they get hands on.
  3. Can they get over the ball before the support.
  4. Has the defence got numbers.
  • All of the above makes it possible to turn the ball. But if those factors are not present, the defenders must get away from the contact and fan out.
  • Defenders should not over commit to contact when there is little chance of a turnover.
  • The defence should press-up quickly, closing space quickly.
  • Pressure must be applied onto the attack, forcing mistakes.

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