Rugby Drill Demonstration


This drill will develop your players ability to regather difficult balls and make offloads. 

  • Working in groups of three, one player is practicing the skill at a time. 

  • The practicing player throws the ball to two other players who are holding balls.

  • These two players bounce the ball back and the practicing player has to gather the ball without knocking it on.


  • Now the practicing player holds two balls. He has to offload and then regather the ball with one hand. (0.40) 

Coaching points


  • Players should stay light on their feet. 

  • Keeping knees bent and being nice and low is important. 

  • When gathering the ball, players should keep their eye on the ball and when offloading keep their eye on player they are offloading to.

    • In a game there can be lots of things going on, mistakes will be made when your players get distracted.

    • So coaching your players to pay attention to the task at hand is key.

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