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Contact: Rucking technical session Session Thumbnail
Contact: Rucking technical session

Master the ?Smash? and the ?Roll? rucking technique so that when the pressure is on and a clear decision needs to be made, clearing the ruck becomes second nature to your players.

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  • tackle sausage 

Place 2 sausages perpendicular from eachother in a T shape. 

Have one player line up a couple meters away from the bag. 

Conditioning drill, the player does reps of clearing the bag, running back to the line, doing a down up and going again. 

Coaching points

  • Important to maintain technique even when fatigued. 
  • Low to High body postition.
  • Support body weight 
  • Power
  • Leg drive. 
  • Flat back.
  • Head up. 
  • Sink from hips. 

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