Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Tell your players the following.....
  1. The first player picks the ball up at the cone passes the ball to the next player, they then run around the back to receive the ball from the last player who puts the ball down by the cone and picks it up and stars the passing again.
  2. Each player runs around the back to the next side of the grid to receive and pass the ball on.
  3. The players attack all the sides of the grid.
  4. Players loop around the back, not in front of the attack.

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points, you may have your own. Select the points that most closely match your overall training and session goals.

  • Players should work to keep the tempo of the session high.
  • Receivers hands should be out, presenting a target.
  • Ball carriers carry the ball in two hands.
  • The pass is weighted in terms of distance, speed, and accuracy.
  • The pass is only complete when caught.
  • Players do not spin the ball over short distances and their pass should be sympathetic to the receiver.
  • Players loop.
  • Ball carriers pass to where the receiver is going to be, not where they are.
  • Ball carriers provide a flat ball or a ball that the receiver can run onto.
  • The receiver attacks at pace, receiving the ball while moving forward at pace.
  • Players demonstrate good communication . Communication should be efficient, effective, and encouraging. Receivers should identify themselves, their location etc. Ball carriers should verbally seek out support.
  • Mistakes will be made, allow your players the freedom to make mistakes without feeling a failure.
  • Passing should be off both hands. There is no weak or strong hand, just hands that need a little more work. Work is the key, not talent.
  • Attackers spread to attack with width.
  • Passers realign to provide further attacking options.
  • Players are creative in attack e.g. looping, miss passes etc.
  • Progression

    Have three defenders, 10 meters back, facing the first three attackers, leaving position four open. This will put pressure on the first three attack and will force quick hands. The defence can move forward and back, but they must leave the last position open.

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