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Force the Intercept Session Thumbnail
Force the Intercept

Win the ball back with clever defending. Develop your players defensive understanding of closing down the space and forcing errors to create the intercept.

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Section off half of one of the thirds for 5 players, each with a ball. Each player bounces the ball whilst walking around the area. At the same time they try to knock other player's balls away.

The last player with a ball wins.

Coaching points

Player's should keep their heads up to try and steal/ tap away others balls.

This encourages players to be aware of other players around them, whilst working on controlling their ball without looking at it. This is important in a game because being able to receive a ball without directly looking at is allows players to prescan the court and be ready for the next phase of the game.

By getting your players to steal the other player's balls you encourage a ball hungry attitude and a competitive nature to go and win the ball.


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