Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: 2-20 people, one ball, variation of space dependent on number of players.

Mark out a space i.e. third space as in video. All players are to stay in the space, netball rules apply i.e. no running with the ball. 

Two players are assigned as attackers, the goal is to move around the area passing to each other to then touch the ball on another player. When a player is tagged, they then become part of the attacking team to help tag others. Ball is to be touched on players, not thrown. Aim is for attacking players to accumulate as fast as they can to get everyone trying to tag. 


Variation: Two attackers are bibbed. If a non bibbed player gets tagged they stand out of the playing area. The aim is for the bibbed players to get as many people they can out of the playing area. If non bibbed players are able to get an intercept, a player from the sideline can come back in to play.

Time constraints can be applied to both variations.

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Drill tags: ball tag, warm up, movement, game

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