Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: 2 post players, 2 balls, 4 cones set up in a square, 1/3 space.

Workers line up behind a cone and drive straight out to first cone to recieve a sraight pass from passer.

The worker then straight drives across to side cone, recieves a pass from other passer. 

Drives forward to front cone and receives diagonal pass from the first passer.

Worker then drives sideways to the final cone to recieve a pass from the opposite passer. 

Worker drives midway between the front cones and recieves a pop pass.

The worker then returns to the liine they came from and next worker drives out. 

Coaching points

This is a fast paced drill that can put workers under pressure. 

Be sure passes are accurate and workers are making the drives and turning on the correct feet. 

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