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Set up: Shooting circle, 4-7 players, 1 ball, cones.

  • Divide three channels across the court (you can refer to these as channel 1, 2 or 3 or first, second, economy class).
  • Use cones to determine channels for players that are learning the areas.
  • One channel in front of center transverse line (center pass area).
  • Another channel between transverse line and top of circle.
  • Final channel is from top of the circle to baseline (shooting area).
  • Center feeder to pass ball to first attacker who will drive from WA position to middle of the first channel.
  • Attacker to turn and pass to second receiver who will drive circle edge and pass the ball into the shooter.
  • Shooter to shoot.

Coaching points

  • Ball is to continue travelling from center pass into feeders.
  • The ball is to make it to the circle edge. Attackers need to work a strong cut and drive.
  • If players are on the circle edge too early they are to drive off to drive back on.

Common errors:
Attackers drive to the same area – defenders are good at forcing attackers to use different driving points. Encourage defenders to keep eyes up and stay side on to force errors, ideally pushing attackers to the outer court edge. 


  • Circle defence added.
  • Center pass feeder skips first channel and passes to second channel. Initial first attacker (who did not receive the pass) is to drive circle edge to follow up the first pass and feed into the shooter.
  • Defenders added into midcourt channels.

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