Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up: A wall, one third space, one ball, 4+ cones, 2 players.

  1. 4 cones are set up in a zig zag formation down the length of a third space towards a wall.
  2. The ball is placed on the furthest away cone. 
  3. A defending player stands in the middle of the cones, they are to ‘pick up’ the attacker when they drive out.
  4. The attacker, drives out towards the first cone and zig zags towards all cones to move past the defender and get the ball off the cone.
  5. The attacker passes the ball to the wall and gets the rebound. 

Coaching points

Allow attacking player to experiment with 'rolls' around the defending player. Rotate players so everyone gets a go as attack and defence and also against other players.


You can adjust area size. A larger area space will make it easier for the attacker as there is more space to move around in. You could bring in more defence.

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