Hockey Drill Demonstration


The pupils are given 3 rules to start the game. These are that the pupils can not move when in possession of the frisbee, to score a point they must catch the frisbee in the end zone and that there is to be no contact.

The pupils will play and after a short while have opportunity to create there own rules to help there team.

As play develops the wing zones open where the attackers can have 2 pupils in the zone and the defenders can have 1.

Contingency plan.

If it too easy for the players create an overload for the weaker team. Along with this add in a tennis ball to get two points of attack in effect. 

Coaching points

How to throw the frisbee.

Back hand.

Finger down side of frisbee thumb in middle with hand open on bottom. point the frisbee slightly dow for a straighter throw.

Flick throw.

index and middle fingers inside, thumb on top. Two other fingers point towards target.


Created by James, Hockey Coach, England

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