Basketball Drill Demonstration


- BlueD initiates the offensive action by cutting hard to the baseline (“bounce the baseline”), then straight back to BlueA for the pass

- BD lands on two feet facing BA and then performs a proper forward pivot using their inside foot

- After the pivot to face the basket, BD fakes a shot, then cross step dribble drives for a layup (must attack the key by getting inside the lines)

- F (coach) provides guided defense to force a pass by BD

- BA curls around toward the basket to receive pass from BD when help defender F slides over

- BA scores after the pass, BD gets the rebound

-BA at low cone on same side of court where they came from

- BD passes ball to RedA and fills behind RA

- Action continues from opposite side with RD cutting to "bounce the baseline" with RA passing, then cutting

- Coach F remains in the key and switches sides to provide guided defense

Coaching points

Land on 2 feet

Inside foot for pivot

Cross step dribble drive

Bounce pass to teammate with advantage around the defender

Created by Vava, Basketball Coach, Canada

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