Basketball Drill Demonstration


Passing the ball in basketball, using the chest, bounce and one handed pass.

In groups of 4 players, face opposite each other approximately 5/10/15 meters apart. Static passing

Players pass to each other and rotate or move to the back of the line.

A) Chest Passing

B) Bounce Passing

C) One handed Passing

Players to pass the ball Chest Height at each other 1st at 5 meters apart, increasing to 10/15 meters.

When increasing the distance players should use more power to compensate for the distance increased.

A) Chest Passing -Accurate passing at Chest height, calling and communicating, follow through.

B) Bounce Passing- Insure reasonable bounce between the pair. directly in the middle, Ball should aim to bounce at chest height.

Calling and communicating, Follow through

C) One handed passing - Insure accurate passing. Follow through with the arm.

WhFollow through.

Watch the ball into your hands. Calling and Communicating with each other.

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