category: Smash-Drills

Tennis Overheads Smash Drills 1) In this drill there are two hitters, two ... 8) Smashes should be hit cross-court, away from teacher! ... Approach a...

Aggressive Forehand

category: Attacking

Tennis Aggressive Forehand Attacking Coach stands on the player's side of the court and feeds the ball ... Tennis Drill Demonstration ... Approach an...

Drop Shot Technique

category: Attacking

Tennis Drop Shot Technique Attacking Coach feeds easy balls to the player. Player tries to ... Drop Shot. Add an extremely useful weapon to your play...

Live Ball Pressure

category: Movement

Tennis Live Ball Pressure Movement Coach feeds easy ball to the backhand side. Player hits backhand cross court (approach shot) and moves forward. .....

Deep And Short

category: Movement

Approach and Win at the Net. Teach your players about the tactical opportunities available when close to the net! Preview Plan ...

Lob Awareness

category: Lob

Tennis Lob Awareness Lob Coach stands in front of the player. Coach ... Approach and Win at the Net Session Thumbnail. Approach and Win at the Net. ...

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