Drills: Keep volley going

keep volley going Tennis
keep volley going
Players line up in two lines every volley should be played back to the
Volleys Tennis
Players rally with their partner whilst trying to ignore the
Circle Volley to a Target Tennis
Circle Volley to a Target
-Teacher feeds the ball however the student must shout out w
Volley Tennis
One ball, try and volley together around the whole net. - In
Volley and Poach Tennis
Volley and Poach
1) Teacher supplies first volley low in alley. 2)
Pick It Up Tennis
Pick It Up
Both players are rallying in the service box, however Red 1 m
Alternating volleys Tennis
Alternating volleys
Coach volleys the ball left then right. Players have one volley each.
Volley Run Tennis
Volley Run
Tactics Volleying Skills, Keeping ball in
Volleys Tennis
- All shots should be volleys. - Good knee bend is essential.
Touch at the net Tennis
Touch at the net
-One player is positioned on the service line, the other clo
Back and Forth Tennis
Back and Forth
Both players start at service line. Red 1 has to hit a ground
Volley and catch Tennis
Volley and catch
- As in t100053 A still feeds by hand. - B uses block volley
agility rally volley (live ball) Tennis
agility rally volley (live
Both players inside service line near the centre coach feeds the ball
2nd volley with lateral movement Tennis
2nd volley with lateral mo
Player start off in the backhand alley. While moving across the court
Backhand drive volley Tennis
Backhand drive volley
Players mve towards the net from the centre to hit a short fed high ba
Keepeeupeeeeee!! Tennis
Tactics Consistancy, Warm up, Volleying, T
Donkey Tennis
Players hit one ball before running round the court to the ot
Sticky Volley and Lob Tennis
Sticky Volley and Lob
-Start off by placing a hoop in between the service line and
Back and Forth Tennis
Back and Forth
Both players start at service line. Red 1 has to hit a ground
Attack and Intercept Tennis
Attack and Intercept
-Player serves to deuce court towards feeder and comes to th