Mini Volley: Control and Placement of Volleys

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This session will go through the key elements of a volley, improving the way your players execute them on court. Develop their skills to control and place the volley, rather than panic and miss a golden opportunity to put the opposition on the back foot! Teach your players to keep calm and think tactically, by improving their play with this session.

What’s in the Session?

Go through small drills close to the net with your players, working on their accuracy and control with the racket. We start with a cross-court mini rally - with two players rallying near to the net - before then moving onto different variations of a rally at some range. We look at the correct point of contact, your players’ reactions and placement; it’s vital that your players are consistent when volleying and executing the best shots continually in match situations.

All of these drills can be used for both the forehand and the backhand strokes, so you can develop your players volleys on both key areas.

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Mini Volley: Control and Placement of Volleys
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