Drill Categories

Possession Drills

Keeping possession of the ball will lead to more scoring chances, and limit your opponent's chances of scoring. If you encourage your players to ...


6 V 2 Rwtb

category: Dribbling

Soccer 6 v 2 RWTB Dribbling Objective: Application of running with the ball in a small ... Players in group 1 run with the ball to group 2 across the...

1V1 To Goal

category: 1-v-1-skills

Organise the players into groups of 3, with 1 goalkeeper and 2 outfield players.

Player 1 and player 2 stand or sit facing away from goal. T...

Box Shooting

category: Shooting

Players line up in 3 groups.

Player 1 from the left of the square moves into the square.
Player 1 from the top of the square plays the b...

Desert Island Discs

category: Defending

Scatter 7 cones across the area. Groups of 12 consist of 2 catchers and 10 runners.

The object of the game is for the runners to run around t...


Goalkeeper Footwork Drills

The best keepers in the world use their feet to make saves and to always be in the right position. Their agility and bounce comes from the timing and ...


Community Drills

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1 player from opposition square now enteres through gate of other group and acts as a defender to try and win the ballAim for 3 attacking players is t...

Possession End Zone

Split the group into small teams of 4/5 players. Each area should have two teams in it. Each team has to try and complete a certain number of passes (...

Pass, Move and Shoot

Get the group back into pairs, with one football between the pair. Start with player one on the side, and player two in the middle. Pass and move down...