Drill Categories

Contact Skills Drills

A major part of rugby involves two or more players making physical contact with each other. Contact normally takes place during a tackle, lineout, scr...

Practices for Juniors

The junior videos and drills are designed to introduce and teach youth players to the correct techniques and skills they will in rugby, in a safe and ...


5 Vs 5

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby 5 vs 5 Tag Rugby Pitch 20m x 20m. All players wearing tag belts Start the game with a free pass, defenders must be 7m back at the start Attacki...

Running Side Tackle

category: Tackling

Rugby Running side tackle Tackling Starting with their backs to one another, two players stand 5 metres apart and run off in opposite directions alon...

Agility And Balance Race

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Agility and Balance Race Agility & Running Skills Set out a course of cones in pairs, with two pairs of cones at the front and back of the cour...

Continuous Attacking

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Continuous Attacking Agility & Running Skills Groups of four, 1 attacker and three defenders Coach calls out the number of a defender as the at...

Web Videos

U8 tag rugby: bcs prep

BCS Prep: https://www.bournemouthcollegiateschool.co.uk/bcs-prep BCS Sport: https://www.bournemouthcollegiateschool.co.uk/senior/sport.