3 Vs 2 Reload

category: Decision-making

Rugby 3 vs 2 Reload Decision making The aim of the drill is to develop players reload speed and positioning.

Reload Rucking

category: Ruck

Rugby Reload Rucking Ruck Set up two defenders holding hit shields opposite two even lines of players. The ball starts with the first man in one of t...

Drop Kick Reload

category: Kicking

Rugby Drop Kick Reload Kicking The aim of the drill is to improve reload and positioning before the kick.

Reloading And Passing Practice

category: Passing

Rugby Reloading and passing practice Passing Have 8-10 players standing in a line with a scrum half at the end a few metres in front. Scrum half pass...

Web Videos

Reload rugby ball - demonstration

This is a concept I designed and further developed with 'Mitre Sports International'. It is a rugby training aid with is designed to develop handling ...


Improving Rucking Technique

React the quicker and get on the front foot in attack with this session, by improving their rucking technique!



Community Drills


forwards attack off 9 all options available - options off 9 - working hard to get in early position reloading from first ruck kee...

Flat pass drill

Player A feeds ball to B, who flat passes to C. A then quickly feeds ball to B who passes to D. Players C & D pass back to A, who...

L-Shaped passing

Make an L-Shape with cones.Ouside player from black cone runs in a straight line.He then passes to the inside man who is running straight.The insde ma...