Front On Pendulum Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Front on Pendulum passing Passing 2 players face one another and stand about 5m apart. The ball is cupped in one hand (not gripped). The player...

Side On Pendulum Pass

category: Passing

Coaching points · Slightly bent knees, leaning forward and over the ball · Straight pull back and follow through · Arms facing target after ball h...

Continuous Passing And Pendulum

category: Passing

Rugby Continuous passing and pendulum Passing 3 players work together, the middle player working the hardest out of the 3. The 3 players stand in a l...

Pendulum Passing Race

category: Passing

Rugby Pendulum passing race Passing For this drill to work properly you'll need at 5 players in a team, standing in a row, with 2 teams facing off wi...

Fast Hands

category: Passing

Rugby Fast Hands Passing Drill to practice fast, accurate passing. Set up a T shape with 3 ... Front on Pendulum passing Drill Thumbnail View this dr...

Passing Width And Pace

category: Passing

Description. The aim of the drill is to develop wide passing. Coaching points. Emphasis an early catch. Players must catch long levers and not bring ...

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