Drill Categories

Tag Rugby Drills

Use the tag rugby drills and games (also referred to as touch rugby) to boost your junior players' passing, off-loading, and decision making ability. ...

Warm Up Drills

Warm up drills in rugby are important because they get your players' muscles ready for exercise and help to reduce the risk of injury. They're also a ...


Mini Game - Skills Game

category: Handling

In this game players try to keep possession and carry the ball over their opponent's line to score a try.

Handling Warm Up Drill

category: Ball-handling

1) Run outside cone with ball (either side) and on to other group. 2) First three people in each group with a ball - six people on the move. 3) No con...

Drift Defence

category: Defensive-Patterns

4 Tackle Bags. 10 Cones and 1 Ball. 10m x 30m. The first player in the line begins with the ball. As he approaches the first cone and passes to playe...

Kick Support And Pass

category: Handling

1 player in a group of players kicks the ball into the air for the single player to catch the ball all player have to run and support the catcher and ...

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