3 Man Tackle Grid.

category: Tackling

Rugby 3 Man Tackle Grid. Tackling Groups of 12+ Bibs Balls Cones Get all players ot get into teams of 3. Select one of the group of 3s to put bibs on...


category: Ruck

Rugby Rucking Ruck Groups of 4 and two groups of defenders with contact pads. 1 ball per group. The ball carrier drives into the contact pads and pre...

Walking Tackle

category: Contact-skills

Rugby League Walking tackle Contact skills The player with the ball walks slowly in front of the other player. As the ball carrier is walking the def...

Side Step

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Side step Agility & Running Skills Set up as shown in diagram Groups of 3 in 10 x 10m grid. 1 Ball per group. Coach to call Left or Right to en...

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Community Drills

Evaluation Stations

Two hand touch:On 'red' -- both players circle the red code (same for yellow)Attacker tries to score. Defender 2 hand wrap (don't bring to...

New and exsisting member evaluation

Dynamic warm upintroduce to the squad how we will today and from now on always warm up The warm up Warm up is always lead by the captain captain decid...