Drill Categories

Conditioned games Drills

These are game scenarios under drill conditions and are most useful when practice in a certain discipline is required, either in batting or fielding. ...

Running between the wickets Drills

This is when the batsman runs to the opposite stumps to score a single run. The number of times this action is completed after one shot determines how...


Back Foot Drive Game

category: Back-foot-batting

The Coach throws each player 3 balls which they should aim to hit towards the left or right target.

  • If the ball is successfully hit to...

Backfoot Survival Game (8 A-Side)

category: Back-foot-batting

Split your group into two teams, with the coach feeding the ball. There are two ways you can play this game:

1) All players have 4 feeds eac...

Bounce Goal Game

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Teams are competing to bounce the ball (via overarm throw) into the small square.

In order to score a point a team mate must catch the ball ...

Catch The Ball

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Ask the players to spread themselves and have 1 ball for the players to throw or roll the ball to each other.

The player in the middle has...


category: Catching

For this game you need two teams of between 6-10 players on each side.

One team tries to see how many catches they can do in a specified tim...

Catching In A Grid

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Make a grid with cones.

Teams have to try and throw the ball 10 times to their team mates without having the ball intercepted by the other t...

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Top 5 best cricket games for pc

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Fielding in the Deep

High intensity boundary fielding session - giving players plenty of practice attacking and chasing down the ball (and sliding where necessary)

Community Drills


DESCRIPTION:1. START: 02. Sideways running(facing back) 0 to 13. 1 to 2 - sprint4. 2 to 0 - sideways running(opposite end)5. Shadow play one shot of g...


Bowlers split into teams bowling at the same target.Bowlers aim at target of white cones When a bowler hits a cone it's replaced with a cone of th...

Game - Hand Hockey

5-6 A side depending on the numbers, aim of the game is to score more points than the other team.Rules:- Must make 5 passes before scoring- Can't ...