Learning to play the game!

This Sportplan session is all about the game, getting players to understand the rules and how using clever tactics can help their side win!

The reason the majority of this session is dedicated to game time is so that you can focus on progressing your players' game skills and tactics - challenging the fielding team to think about where to place their fielders to quickly get the batting side out and at the same time for the batters to think about where they are hitting the ball.

To make things nice and simple we divide this session in two - with 15 minutes for a quick warm up and then 45 minutes dedicated to game time! Designed so that your players can have fun and start playing the game as quickly as possible!

So cut to the chaff and don't waste any time! Get your players' blood pumping with the speed and fielding warm-up and then get straight to business with a full pitch game!

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