Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set Up:

2 teams of 5. The fielding team consists of: bowler, backstop, 2nd post, 3 fielders (1 on 2nd post). The batting box 6 metres away from the bowling box.

Pitch set out with posts or cones, spaced out accordingly.

The Game:

Each innings lasts for 15 good balls. After 5 good balls the fielders rotate.

Coaching points


Each team starts on 10 rounders.

If a player is out they lose 2 rounders but carry on batting. Hopefully that way we will end up with a positive score and not a minus score!

All other rounders rules apply.

Benefits of small sided games

Technical, tactical, and creative developments.

Fielders to communicate to cover all posts.

Batters to be aware of space to hit the ball.

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