Overarm Throwing - Quick and Accurate Throwing

It?s time to get your fielders picking up the ball and firing it back into the bases at ease!

When your opposition is finding the gaps or just clearing it over your fielders, it?s important you get the pressure on them quickly! By improving your fielders overarm throws, you will heap the squeeze onto the batters and they might start to think again about sneaking that extra base.

In this session, we recap the basics of overarm throwing before going on to different modified exercises to put pressure on the throw. Finally, the modified game will force players to put what they have learnt throughout the session into practice.

TipCatching Technique Recap:

Step 1. Stand sideways on the target. The throwing arm is taken back behind the head. Non-throwing arm points at the target.
Step 2. Push forward from the back foot and stride front foot forwards. Pull the non-throwing arm through. The throwing arm swings forward, keeping the elbow at least level with the shoulder. The wrist should be outside the line of and behind the elbow.
Step 3. Release the ball with both feet on the ground and the chest facing the target. Flick wrist at point of release.
Step 4. Swing the throwing arm through so that both arms end up behind the opposite hip. Keep head and eyes facing the target.

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