Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set up:

Players in the middle (players 2 and 3) stand back to back and opposite their partners (players 1 and 4), about 5 metres apart, but they gradually move further away up to a distance of 9 metres (this is distance from bowler to batter).

Player work in teams of 4.

The Game:

Player throw the ball back and forth and are listening to instructions from the coach. Players are not allowed to move with the ball and are throwing underarm to their partner's waist.

Coaching points

Throwing - follow through with fingers pointing at the target.

Catching hands' ready with little fingers together. Listening skills are vital to success.

The aim of this practice is to enhance catching and throwing skills and to develop a team of bowlers.


  • Inside - Players in the middle (2 and 3) switch positions

  • Outside - Players on the outside (1 and 4) run to their right around the whole group and switch positions in their group of 4

  • Partner switch - Switch positions with your partner, remember, you can't move with the ball.

  • Group switch - Players without the ball switch into another group of 4.

  • Ball switch - The player with the ball makes eye contact with another group and then switches their ball.

To deveop the drill you can:

  • vary the height of the throw i.e. to the knee or shoulder.
  • Vary the speed of the delivery.
  • Spin the ball - close the door(palm down) or open the door (palm up).

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