Overarm Throwing - Distance and Accuracy Session!

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This week's session gets your players to put more power in their throws, throwing the ball quickly from A-B in this fun overarm throwing fielding session.

Using an overarm throw is the quickest way to get the ball from one players to another when fielding. However, a badly thrown ball can waste more time than it saves.

To make sure your players don't lose time with inaccurate throwing this session works on getting your players to improve their ability to throw the ball over larger distances - getting the ball from one fielder's hands to another, without it hitting the ground and bobbling along the way.

What's in the session?

Before starting we get your players warmed up with a fast running drill. Once your players are all nicely warmed up you can put your players into pairs - starting with the flat side throw and as the distance between them increases gradually moving onto using the looping overarm throw before finishing with a full game with a twist!

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