Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

Description. The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the robbers who are trying to steal them and take them to their home....

Sportplan Netball - 117 Photos...

Sportplan Netball, Haywards Heath, United Kingdom. 10K likes. http://www.sportplan.net/drills/Netball/index.jsp Search through 1000s of drills online...


category: Small-games

Netball Islands Small games Create all different islands on the court by using cones. Players need to get in pairs with 1 ball between 2. You need 1 ...

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Netball ball skills to do at home

Here are some ball skill and familiarity activities you can do at home either by yourself or with others! Instagram: @genevagirlsnetballassociation.


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Lower Body Mobility

Work on your lower body mobility with these exercises.Keep yourself engaged at home!

Pilates at Home

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