Drag Flick - Stage 2

category: Video-Techniques

Place the ball on the penalty spot and sit down on one knee and stretch the left leg out towards the target.

Rounders Hockey - Roll The Ball

category: Conditioned-games

Set up: Split players into two teams (no more than 5v5 - set up several mini-games if necessary). Pitch marked out with 2 goals. Size will depend upon...

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Community Drills

Warm up (dynamic)

Creates the atomsphere for the practiceTeam jog around whole field to start then line up at the cone to start dynamic warm up.Jog baselinesideways jog...

cool down

the cool down will involve them going on a gentle jog and then get paired up to go through a variety of static stretches to remove lactic acid and to ...

warm up

warm up game after dynamic stretches, simple pass and follow to warm up stickand get used to passing on the pitch, pass needsto be a push and the...

warm up

All the players line up along the 23 line. they all jog out to the line of cones and then turn around and jog back. they are going to be doing differe...