Musical Hoops

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Put down the same number of hoops as you have players. and set out a square with cones for the players to run around.


Passing Round Hoops

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Using the plastic hoola hoops place them around the pitch. Players get in groups of 3 and pass a ball around the putside of the hoops.

Slalom Hoops

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Set out a slalom course with hoola hoops and divide the players into groups of 3

Web Videos

2nd sunday tricks (loop the hoop)

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Community Drills

Joker's square

Set up a square. All the players have to try to defend their own ball inside the square, while two jokers try to get as many balls as they can inside ...

Drag Starter

This footwork drill is the starter to dragging.Students run the course by stepping forward past the cones and then striding to the left or right to re...

The Pasta Game

Pupils begin walking around the room changing direction.When a type of pasta is called out- Spaghetti - walk round the room tall and thin arms pointed...