Tag Circle

category: 113-pulling-pushing

Handball tag circle 113 pulling/pushing Tag man should try to tag the green player. The green player may cross the circle freely, the red tag man may...

Playing Tag

category: 112-falling-rolling

Handball playing tag 112 falling/rolling You cannot be tagged if : - lying on the floor on your back - lying on the floor on your tummy.

Crash Mat Tag

category: 112-falling-rolling

Handball Crash mat Tag 112 falling/rolling In this game players run inside the area and attempt to avoid being caught by the taggers. Players are saf...

Tag Dibble

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball tag dibble 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling All players are dribbling around. One tag man tries to tag the other players. When tagged you ...

Tag In Circle

category: 113-pulling-pushing

Handball tag in circle 113 pulling/pushing Player green 1 is trying to tag player red 1. Player green 1 may go through the circle, the tag man is bei...

Playing Tag

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball playing tag 319 diving and shooting You cannot be hit when you are lying on the floor on your back. Tag men may not wait more than 3 seconds...

Twin Dribble Tag

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball twin dribble tag 115 ballskill activities Make pairs. There are two or three balls. Players pass around. When in possession they cannot be t...

Tag The Circle Man

category: 113-pulling-pushing

Handball Tag the circle man 113 pulling/pushing Four players form a circle, hands tight. A tag man appoints a person he wants to tag. The circle move...

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Community Drills

Arbejde med høje backs + ST

3 vs. 2 - backs + streg vs. to forsvarsbacks.Når bolden spilles mod venstre er højre 2'er fremme for at dække - hvis bolden slippes til modsatte back,...

Kontra m. vurdering fra PM

MM afl. til PM som skal aflevere til den frie B imellem de 4 kegler.F tager den ene B væk, og PM skal vurdere, hvem der er mest fri.Kan køres, hvor be...

Touchdown + tir

Enchaînement de tâche : courir - attraper - lancer. Aller poser le ballon dans un cerveau quand toute l'équipe a touché la balle. Pas de dri...