Hitting the target - Hip Height Shooting

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This session helps your players to shoot more, hit the target more and ultimately score more goals!

The key to shooting is the element of surprise - being able to not only beat the keeper but also get your shot past the opposition's defenders! To help your players improve their scoring percentage this session introduces your players to the Hip Height Shot - a key shooting variation that's great for getting your shot past the defender.

Who can use this Session?

Perfect for players of all abilities, you can tailor this week's session to suit any team! With beginners you can slowly teach the technique and footwork required and with more advanced players you can work on disguising the shot - teaching them to feint a normal shot to get the defender's arms up (see image) and then exploiting that with a hip height shot!

Don't let your players become predictable - teach them this shooting variation and help them to find space for the shot, even when it's 2v1!

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