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In this game players run inside the area and attempt to avoid being caught by the taggers.

Players are safe from being tagged if they are laying on a mat, on their belly.

Players are only allowed to stay on the mat for 3 seconds, then they have to get up and run away again.

Tag men are not allowed to wait for the player during these 3 seconds.

Coaching points

Where possible players should aim to dive/ roll onto the crash mat (safely - no superman diving).

When shooting from a jump players should aim to:

1. Take off with one or two feet.
Bend forward with ankle, knee and hip - trunk bent forward, eyes to the goal.

2. After the shot both arms touch the floor because directly after the shot the landing takes place.

3. There must be a fast bending of the arm, the trunk is brought forward. Head tucked into the body.

4. Both legs are bent almost 90 degrees, feet upward. Slide forward on the floor when the chest touches the floor. Head tucked into the body.

5. Chest, belly and upper leg slide on the floor, while the arms push the body along the floor.

6. The body slides forward, while elbows and wrists are completely bent.

Drill tags: crash, dive, diving, fun, game, jump, jumping, mat, matt

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