Passing Game

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball Passing game 115 ballskill activities One player stands about 2-3 meters in front of the other players. This player is the feeder for their ...

10 Pass Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball 10 Pass Game small match playing Blue team tries to pass 10 times without losing or dropping the ball. Defending team try to prevent this an...

Cross-Court Pass And Shoot

category: 324-blocking

Handball Cross-Court Pass and Shoot 324 blocking Starting on the right backcourt player passes from right to left. When the third player receives the...

Running And Passing

category: 314-center-shot

Handball Running and Passing 314 center shot Pairs move to and away from each other and move in to each other while passing. They should try to recei...

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Passing and shooting

Scoring more points than the other team is the end game. Increase your players passing and shooting ability and enhance your team's success!

The Give and Go

Use the Give and Go in handball to create space, get past defenders and give your team the attacking edge!


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