Goalkeeper Drill

category: 615-goal-keeper-exercises

stand up - bent down and 'walk' on your hand till you are in press up position2x8x

Warming-Up Goalkeeper

category: 560-complex-shooting-exercises

Drill to warm up goalkeeper. 1 passes to 2 who shoots at the goal. Put more players at positions 2 and 3. Players change places after shooting. Vari...

Stretch And Give

category: 612-goal-keeper-flexibility

Goalkeepers sit opposite each other, with legs stretched sideways. They will give the ball to each other just over their feet, both stretching down wi...

Who Shoots And Runs?

category: 611-goal-keeper-reaction-exercises

Two players with a ball each approach the goal and feint as to shoot, but only one of them really shoots. The goalkeeper tries to stop the ball. Then ...

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Goalkeeper Training - Fitness Work

Do you spend enough time with your keepers? Thought not, that's why this plan works on your shot-stopper's fitness levels , improving reactions and co...