538 Fast Break

category: 538-fast-break

Handball 538 fast break 538 fast break R1 and R2 try to pass to pivot R3. Defender B4 prevents this. Balls bouncing into the court are picked up by B...

Dribble Across The Zone

category: 218-dribbling-defence-of-dribbling

Handball Dribble across the zone 218 dribbling/defence of dribbling The white players try to cross the court area by dribbling. There is one blue pla...

Balloon Passing

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Two players hit the balloons to each other.
Which team can do this most times without losing control?
Which team can reach 25 passes first?

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Community Drills

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The player starts off in ther spot bouncing the ball to get use to the feeling of the ball then the coach would blow their whistle and the player has ...


Movement exercise with ball:1a. Just run around cones bouncing the ball1b. Shoot when you get to the goal 2a. Run backwards holding the ball when reve...

2nd Wave drill

Line up in threes at one end well in the 6 meter line since our court is way to small.Play passes between the three attackers and score a goal. No bou...

Backcourt/Wing cross

RB crosses with RW.RW passes the ball to the opposite LB, who shots by breaking through or jump shot.RW must not run too close to the defense as it wi...