Drill Categories

Conditioned games Drills

These are game scenarios under drill conditions and are most useful when practice in a certain discipline is required, either in batting or fielding. ...


Survival Game

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket Survival Game Conditioned games Two teams with the coach bowling. All batters have 4 balls. Each wicket that falls means that team loses four...

Pull Shot Game

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket Pull shot Game Conditioned games Split the group into 2 equal groups. 1 team are the batters and the other side are the fielders. Each player...

Pairs Cricket

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket Pairs cricket Conditioned games Variation of the game - 8 a-side / 6 a-side (normal cricket rules) This game is for adults and more able play...

Chase Ball

category: Conditioned-games

Cricket Chase Ball Conditioned games When the drill is started both teams roll the ball to each other in the same direction (can be clockwise or anti...


Ground Fielding Principles

Keep it tight in the field and make the batter work for every run! Improve your fielding skills now to keep the runs down and pick up some more wicket...

Multi-Skills Games Session

Fun, games based session that works on your players' catching concentration as well as their batting and throwing accuracy!