Cricket Drill Demonstration


  • Setup the practice as shown.
  • Each player has 8-10 balls, then all rotate clockwise.
  • In the first round of 8-10 players must play every other shot with the top hand only. Make the last round competitive: try to survive all 8-10 balls without getting out.

    If you are out, change round. On the practice round, players get another ball if one goes wide. On the competitive round, have 8-10 balls whether players leave the ball or play and miss.

    If a player deliberately plays an attacking shot he loses that round of 8-10 balls. (Be strict on this point).

    Coaching points

  • Don't set up groups too close to one another - think safety!
  • Coach positions himself where he can monitor all groups safely.
  • Give groups 2 or 3 coaching points to work on.
  • Have about 3-4 rounds each (depending on time limit).
  • Emphasise the importance of the top hand.
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