Set Shot Technique - No Basket

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Set shot technique - No basket Shooting Techniques To perfect the set shot let's start without the basket. The hand should start cocked ba...

Lay Up

category: Shooting-Techniques

Basketball Lay up Shooting Techniques Footwork is always important in executing a correct lay up shot. Shooting from the right side, the player shoul...

Shooting Technique

category: Training-at-Home

Basketball Shooting Technique Training at Home There is only one way to become a good shooter and that is to practice using good basic technique. You...

Upper Body Shot Technique

category: Advanced-Ball-Handling

Basketball Upper Body shot technique Advanced Ball Handling Players must shoot from a seated position. This will help players to focus on their upper...

Web Videos

How to shoot | basketball

In this video, you will learn how to shoot accurately, by looking at all the different elements of the technique. For more shooting techniques, try so...

The jump shot | basketball

In this video, you will learn to master the jump shot technique to improve your shooting skills. For more shooting tutorials and inspiration take a lo...


Shooting at Game Speed

Sprint shooting session! Get your players to practice shooting accurately at game speed to improve their shooting percentage!


Developing Your Team's Attacking Game

"Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts." - Get your players comfortable with failing and make them courageous in of...


The Art of Shooting - Perfect Shooters

Shooting is all about technique and nerve. Tune your players technique so that when they’re faced with it, their nerve holds firm and they never miss!



Community Drills

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Players to start from 1 and work through to 5, go through twice. 1st time with their own technique, second time through after coach has critiqued and ...

2 Person shooting

1 shooter - 1 re-bounder first pair to hit 5 shots wins. Once the first hits from 5 spots second person now tries to hit from 5. Variation...

Ready Set Go! (ball handling)

Prep: Set up the cones for the drill and give every player a basketball.1) First, split the players into two groups. Outside or inside the basketball ...

Shooting Basics

Space players out without balls and demonstrate the proper shooting technique and walk the players through it. Feet shoulder width apartknees be...