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reverse pivot - coaching points

What coaching points should i use for the reverse pivot. I am do doing my linked session plans for my level 2. Thank you

Reverse pivot or inside pivot - direction of pivot is backwards in relation to grounded (pivot) foot rather than forwards in an outside pivot.  Used in moving the ball down court to keep turn and eyes towards the court rather than away from it if ball caught on outer edge (landing foot should be left for left lead, right for right lead) - used to execute a roll & half roll change of direction - used by goalers & others in a change of direction protecting space on preferred side. Usually used at a slower speed than an outside pivot which is a safer option for high speed movement. A small step forward or small forward pivot can stabilise a high speed catch before a reverse pivot is used to change direction.

As most players have a preferred landing foot, training drills need to encourage landing on either foot with use of both forward & reverse pivots so it becomes automatic.  Some players can do it easily but others take much longer to overcome the one footed habit. 

Not sure if it is quite what you wanted but no-one else has responded yet. 

I would really like to see a video of the reverse pivot in the circle, I am not very good at visuallising! 
So, would a WA/GA use reverse pivot on centre pass? I guess that would only work if they had completely lost their defence. 

A reverse pivot can be used anywhere on court as just one of the many footwork manouvres used to get free of an opponent or adjust position to view passing options. You could try watching high level game replays e.g. ANZ Comp matches, and try to pick what techniques are used. Catherine Latu (Mystics) uses reverse pivot/rolls quite often in the goal circle - many mid court players use the reverse pivot/fake to draw their player to one side and then forward pivot/step through to pass ball off to chosen target. Can you consult with a senior coach at your club to run through manouvres with you so you can get the idea of  how, when and where a reverse pivot may be used. They are not usually used in isolation or from a standing position (unless while in possession of the ball) but mostly  as part of combination of movements to get free.  As Lorna is doing her coaching course in the UK not sure if it is something different up there.

Thanks Janet, which will a few ANZ replays with Kat Latu.  I think I was confusing a reverse pivot with the catching move I see from older/rep players where they turn as they catch a pass so they are facing the direction they are about to pass, rather than the tradition pivot to the outside.
But will watch Kat anyway, can only increase my knowledge.

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