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Is a defender allowed to lift up another defender so they jump higher?

Can a Defender hold up another defender? appearently one of my under 15's had seen it during a game

Hi, Im no expert but I believe this was done recently in an ANZ Championship game and it was deemed Legal, there was some discussion about it after the game but most decided it was a smart tactic. 

ah thats maybe where my girls saw it

dont know if there is any video of it ?

i found the video to it

Video added by Sportplan Team.

Hello Jess,

If the video is on Youtube please could you email it to and that way we can add it to this answer thread so that everyone can see this tactic in action?

All the best,
The Sportplan Team

sure no probs


email sent

yeah it was pretty cool and will be a huge game changer i think in years to come as the shooters will have to a lot quicker to shoot in order to avoid this manouevre.  it wouldnt suprise me though if in the end it gets band.  takes a bit away from the fairness and skill of defence and shooting skills.  but is still good to watch for now.

i think its a whole different aspect to being a shooter

Yes you can hold the other defender as you can't contact a player our your team. 

Our local team the Mystics, the following day my daughter wanted to practice the 'Harrison lift', very smart tactic and certainly adds another dimension to the ANZ challenge.

Mystics did it against the Vixens a couple of times successfully but have since tried it a couple of times without success. Once the teams are aware of it they will get the GA to get in the way and prevent it. I doubt we will see it much in the future.


As barbaric as that seems; it has been done several times. Is it actually legitimate though? Because the umpire in the video that's been posted doesn't call it; but i've seen it where an umpire has blown and indicated that it isn't allowed and classed it as an infringement and intimidation. So what is the actual verdict on this; does anyone know?

Grace its a ligitimate move.  its up to the umpire if they deem it intimidation, and depends on how the defence perform it, and the umpires interpretation of the rules.  i guess an umpire who doesnt like this defence move, can deem it intimation if that is how the see it, or a perfectly ligitimate move.  

How long before we see the shooters bieng raised by each other?!!

It is a great move to watch but it has some limitations as it leaves the other shooter free to receive a pass and shoot before the defenders can reposition themselves.


I saw this game and it was exciting to watch and to see the reaction within the netball community. The tactic has been used as far back as 30 years ago and was also used at the last world championships, Singapore I think? The 'lift' game had two of the most experienced umpires including Sharon Kelly who is considered to be one of the best internationally if not the best. As always, there a several rules to consider, distance for example. The assist itself did not attract any penalty from the umpires. And Australia's National Director of Umpiring, Chris Burton, also described the move as being innovative and within the bounds of the game providing rules aren't being broken during its execution. There was concern that this movement could change the game yet there was no regard for the ability of the players involved. The jumper was a national volley ball player with the ability to block the ball without touching the hoop or opposition. I have since seen less skilled defenders attempt this move without much success, almost comical actually. As a result, the tactic hasn't really caught on now that players understand the degree of difficulty. What it means for the shooters is that the two defenders are now engaged in defending only one player. Pass the ball to the undefended GA or GS and shoot. Easily fixed!

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