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Problem with parent

So this year I have had multiple problems with a parent. I have been yelled at by her in front of the girls and parents at a game and she has honestly made my time at netball horrible. She has told me multiple times that my training isn’t good enough and that it’s needs to get better, that I am in the wrong for sitting her daughter off for half a game, that the only reason I am coaching the team is because the club didn’t give her the team and many more things. Last year the girls won the grand final and the year before they were runners up. (her daughter in both those teams)I am 19 years old and I have been coaching for 6 years and playing for 13. Safe to say I know what I am doing. I have gone to the club about her and they know what she has done. I am hoping I do not have to deal with her next year, but if I do does anyone have any suggestions in regards to dealing with this bullying. Thanks in advance !!
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You need to ask your club or association's Coaching Coordinator for assistance with the parent, or failing that, another club or association executive. I always tell my coaches that asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness or failure, that's what we're here for. Parents should also be reminded about Netball Australia's parent code of conduct - your club / association should back you up on this. As for sitting the player off - I assume you sit all players off an equal amount during season. Just make sure you keep a record of this in case you need to show proof. Some parents get very protective of their children (I have been guilty of that) and need reminding to watch their manners. I hope it doesn't put you off coaching. Good luck.
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The coaching coordinator spoke to her and told her that she was to speak to her and not approach me, clearly she did not listen. All players were sat off as fairly as possible given the positions they play and an injury that left me without a defence player for half the season, which might I add was caused by this parent in a mother v daughter game. The club has a record of the times sat off but it seems as though the only person at the club who cares is the coaching coordinator. One of the executive watched the parent yell at me and did not step in. It has put me off coaching, I was not going to return next year but the new players and parents I had this year want me to coach the team again next year as they have seen improvements with my coaching. I am going to print off copies of the parents code of conduct for next year and make sure that they read through it again.

Thankyou for replying.  

Hi, it seems that your club does not support its coaches.  Find a new club that does support the coaches.  I was a rep coach this year and had a parent and child texting me inappropriately about a request that came from the club.  I forwarded the abuse to the club and they said they would deal with it.  It occurred the week after and also the player being disruptive during training.  The club did nothing to help and actually told me that I was not bonding with the team and were moving me to an assistant role with another team.  I quit.  This was not a club I wanted to be part of if they don't back their coaches who are volunteers.  I returned to my old club as I know they support their most valuable assets.  The coaches.  Find another club where you will be valued and supported.  You do not deserve this type of treatment, and you will find your passion again when you find a safe environment to utilise your skills.  

Hi at our club we have a Zero Tolerance Policy and unfortunately over the years have had to officially warn parents with exclusion from games, player suspension and refusal of registration renewal. It is a terrible thing for young players to witness a coach being abused and worse that nothing is done about it. By your club officials not taking action against the abusive parent they are not meeting their responsibility under the Member Protection Policy. You could seek advice from your Association (there should be a Member Protection Officer who can help you) or your State body.

From experience I would advise anyone dealing with an abusive parent to seek help as soon as possible and record the incidents in a diary and make sure they have another adult with them whenever speaking to the parent as you never know how serious a situation it may escalate to.

I hope it works out for you and feel sorry for your players as well.

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