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Planning coaching sessions for a 1 hour session?

I currently play for and captain a team and often run some training sessions during the summer for my team. There are quite a few things I think we could work on and also things the ladies want to focus on too. Sometimes I think I have had overloaded sessions e.g. too many drills and not enough time to complete them properly and then to have a mini game to put it all in practice at the end. For an hour session, how many drill sessions do you think would be ideal and is it better to focus on say a couple of skills per session?

I like to have one thing I am focussing on for the session (say, coming off your player for an intercept), and then do simple drills working up to harder ones (maybe 3) on the same topic - all the while explaining to the team what we are trying to achieve, and how - and where - to use it on the court.  I then tend to end on a half court or game where the aim is to bring that skill into the game.  If numbers are short, adapt the game so that the skill you worked on is still being used.

oh - and an hour is not long enough when you incorporate a warm up and warm down.  Adults and teens should be able to do 90min, and that is probably your primary reason for your struggles!

Thanks Lynnette, yes I was fast coming to the conclusion that an hour is never enough, certainly not to do things properly. Will try and focus my next session a bit more like you've suggested to one particular area and lengthen the session so we can really put it into practice at the end - feel we really missed the benefit of this in our last session.

Going to go on some coaching courses over the winter as well so will hopefully increase my knowledge and get some more new ideas then too.

yeah i agree...1hr is not enough for most training sessions.  and agree completely with lynnette about focussing on just the one skill, and keep extending the one drill to make it more challenging until you are ready to put it into a half court game or full court game situation.  i use to have my U13s do 1.5 hrs session so i could fit everything i needed in.  too much for my U11 as they just get too tired.  good luck.  great job on taking on so much in the name of netball.

If you're limited with court time what you could always do is encourage players to all arrive 15/30 minutes early to do their own warm up off court - including some handling and footwork exercises.

This way you can then use the full hour on court to focus on skills and tactics.

Thanks Leanne and Alex, some good suggestions there, appreciate you answering.  Will definately focus on the one skill next time and I am pretty certain the ladies will turn up earlier and/or for longer as they are all keen and reliable!  Love playing the sport and enjoy running some coaching too, lots to learn!

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  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
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