I am coaching a deaf 8 yr old HELP

I am coaching a deaf 8 yr old HELP

I am coaching a team of 8-9yr olds one of which is deaf. I am having problems getting anything to help me with this. Also I am wanting to print off some simple warmup drills eg basic run to first third walk back knees up walk back etc but have picturs for her aswell, but the session planner is more advance than this- I am wanting to do the same warm up for the start of each training and game. Any help ould be fantastic!!!

Netball CoachCoach
Janet Coach, Australia

It may be a good idea to ask the player's parents if they can help with any ideas for communication with a deaf child and/or your local deaf society. Netball Aust has some info available for training/fitness including pictures but generally at a cost. It may be as simple as pairing her up with another player to follow (players taking turns at training) to help her through warm up etc.  She probably will already have a good eye for picking things up but may need a visual pointer to clarify things at times so keep your note pad/coaches whiteboard handy.  Good Luck!

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

the best technique to showing any drill to any child is by visually showing what you want in small portions.  use the lines of the court as visual references for change of drill, and do the drill yourself beside her as part of the team.  you will also need to get some special help with the umpiring as she wont hear the whistle to indicate a center pass, so speaking to the umpires before hand so they can help would be useful.  (ie explain the importance of blowing the whistle on centers footwork if she will be taking the center pass).  pair her up with a more skilled player so she can observe correct technique.  but im guessing the most important part is to treat her like any other player in most areas.  good luck and have fun as you will find this will probably be one of your most rewarding teams to coach.

Victoria Player, Hong Kong

My child is deaf and we find that as Lee-annes said,  she is very visual, our daughter has great periphery vision and is much more observant than her older sister!  We use a radio aid in noisy situations like a sportshalls (ask her parents),  otherwise for swimming where she doesn't wear any hearing aids,  she copies the teacher (who is in the water).  Hearing aids, if she wears them are most effective up to 6 feet. Start by getting everyone's attention before you begin. Make sure that you are facing her when you are speaking, if outdoors don't have the sun behind you, demonstrate lots, use arm signals as well as a whistle.     All of the above will benefit everyone.    Pre-tutoring is also helpful  - so if you know what you are going to do - then send a handout/ email home beforehand so that she can discuss with her parents.   Check discretely that she understands.  

Netball CoachCoach

I would just like to say thanks to you all, Very helpfull responses (and great for me as I have been doing most of what you have said!!) I just really dont want to fail this little girl and I hope she enjoys netball as much as my own daughter!! We had our first game a few days ago and to see her face light up when I was able to sign "great job" was amazing

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