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How to rotate 11 girls

What is the best way to rotate 11 girls. Has anyone got a spreadsheet?

netta or competitive?

In an actual game/match itself?  Or during a practice?  If a match - what's the format?  4 quarters or other?

I have a similar problem. I have 11 players to rotate and offer play for 7 matches. I have tried to be as fair as possible but i couldn't find a spread sheet. If someone has one i would also be keen to look.
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at the end of the day you need to rotate equally.  personally i would be discussing with my club and parents for a netta team, or make the decision myself for a competitive team to have 2 players sit off each week and then deal with rotating the 9 players which is a lot more manageable. 


In a match anymore than 9 players is very hard to rotate, 9 is hard but possible.  Best advice is to maybe look at your players and where they can play first, also who you have available for each week, then make sure that you have each position covered every week.  I have an adult social team with 12 players who are signed on, most weeks sort themselves out as people work shifts and can't always play.  If I have 8, I normally swop 1 player in each quarter so everyone plays at least a quarter but there is an element of seeing on the night as well.  If I had more than 9 available I would be asking people to miss a week and bring them back in the week after but if you try and rota it from the start as suggested this may make things easier - make sure you have a reserve on stand-by and they know they may be called in in the event of illness/injury.

I have 11 players, it's an u11 team.  We are at the end of the season and have made finals.  I rostered 2 off each week; so played with 9 which i found manageable.  The captain played a full game (and parent scored) everyone else got 3/4s.  I had to make sure that i didn't have the better/more experienced players rostered off on the same day.  A bit of a balancing act, but can work.  Also, asked parents bofore doing the roster availablity etc which worked well.  Though now we are in finals i am going to have to play 11; this means that 6 will play 3/4 and 5 a 1/2.  During normal games i spreadsheet it beforehand so that everyone gets a fair go at the game; we are a mix of very good & experienced with newer players - so if i don't spreadsheet it earlier i could end up being unfair on the day without intending to (i find i can't think too quickly during the game to switch etc - i do occasionally change it but usually only between the 7 meant to play for that 1/4).  Anyway, at the end of the day at this level it is meant to be fun. 

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