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How do you get your students to listen?

They sometimes mess around and won't listen.

My girls are like that sometimes and are too busy talking.  If they aren't focused or listening I make them run a lap of 2 netball courts, right around.  This gets their attention as they don't want to run anymore than they have too! :)

Make the session fun or give them a bit more disablin

If you have lots of players and are in a position where you are needing to rotate them throughout a game (as is usually the way in school teams) then simply give the main offenders more bench time. Ensure that they know why. You could also point out that if they are inattentive during training then their skills are not developing and their teamwork is likely to be lacking. In these circumstances they are a liability to the team. Perhaps the game  will be lost, but the lesson is probably more important. Not easy...

keep them active and busy, and make things a competition.  even their passing drills can be competitive.  last team to catch x passes has to do x (run, burpees, situps ect).  if they are older then remind them that you are giving up your free time for them and that if they continue to disrespect you by not listening then you will stop turning up to help them improve their netball skills. talk with them and ask them if their is any reason for their poor behaviour.  ways for you to improve as a coach.  we arent perfect, so feedback is good even for us.   make them accountable for their behaviour.  i would though first send home or have a meeting with all the parents to ensure they are aware of any issues you are having within the team, and your expectations about those players who continue to be disrespectful.  so when someones child is left sitting on the bench then they will know why.

good luck

I have been having the same problem lately, unfortunately my child is the worst offender having no respect for me as the coach.. It is sooo hard when I am giving up my time so they can play netball.. This week is the first week that I am bringing in the half game punishment for lack of respect and mucking around at training, therefore, my daughter will only be playing half a game.. I am just hoping that the parents of other girls get the idea that if I do it to my own daughter then all will be in the same boat if they muck around at training.

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Join now for free
  • search our library of 700+ netball drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans