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Defenders in a 2 v 1 situation

How to get my GD and GK to know how to defend a 2on1 situation if one of them are standing out, outside of the ring?

thats all about being able to read play.  have the two shooters split and them stand in the middle.  make sure they are doing fast feet so they are ready to react, watching the eyes of the feeder as well as keeping an eye on where the shooters are out of the corner of their eye, and then when the pass is being taken the feeder will tend to look to where they are throwing (particularly if they are young players) in which they need to move super fast for the intercept.

another option is where the shooters will stand will sandwich the defender, so make sure the defender stays light on her feet (fast feet) and trying to keep moving in order to be able to get around for the straight in pass, or the lob to the other shooter.

the last option is where the defender stands in front of the two inline shooters who will split in both directions for the pass.  once again light on feet and watch the eyes of feeder to try and work out where the pass is going to go. 

over all it really is a lot of luck and a bit of skill in getting that intercept.

hope that helps.

Always a hard situation to defend but a great confidence booster if the defender intercepts or even just upsets the pass.  Lee-anne has given some examples of set ups that can be tried and a defender needs to be always adapting to what the goalies are doing.  Some important points are for the defender to stay goal post side of the set up with eyes up to read goalie movement and release of ball, being mobile between the two goalies with outside arm or both arms up ready for the intercept AND to look like they will really go for it.

The focus should be to keep the "close to the post area" defended and try to force the ball to be received as far out as possbile without leaving that close to the post area undefended.  If a goalie drives out for the pass, let them have it and cover the goalie closest to the post.  The out of play defender will then be able to come back in to cover the outer shot/pass and a pass to the under the ring goalie will be prevented.  Keeping mobile and body at an angle can prevent the sandwich or a screen and staying slightly off the player gives more room to gather speed for the intercept.  If not successful in the 2 on 1 pass in be ready to contest the rebound or stop the next pass.

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